Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

A network of business angels and private investors.

First, I cleaned up the WordPress website of the BACB and restructured it. I added relevant information to the website, such as how much money was invested, how many investments were made, and how many business angels are members of the club. Additionally, I included forms for new startups and business angel applications, eliminating the need for them to be sent via email.

Next, I utilized my previous experience at hagenuk Lichttechnologie AG to set up a newsletter and automated reports for member attendance at monthly matching events using the Newsletter2Go API and Python. Members were able to click a link in the newsletter to RSVP for the events, which generated the attendance lists required for each event.

Additionally, my job was to make the first evaluation of the applied startups and to see if they matched the preferences of a business angel. If so, I connected them. All interesting startups were then invited to pitch their companies at the monthly meetings.

During this time, I was also participating in a conference and a fair for the BACB.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience as I got to know Berlin's startup ecosystem up close and see how business angels operate and how investments are made.