Banja Os

Wooden sauna in Osnabrück.

The website for my family's wood-fired sauna, Banja Os, allows people to enjoy the benefits of a private sauna with their family and friends. The website was created to enable customers to book appointments via an online form.

I created this website to get to know Next.js. After leaving AWS, I wanted to focus more on web development, especially the JAMstack.

The project is deployed with Vercel. On top, I used a custom AWS CDK stack to leverage Lambda and SNS for the provision of sent form submissions via email. The whole project was developed in TypeScript, NextJS, and Tailwind inside a Turbo Monorepo.

I built the entire website by myself and also designed the emails using MJML. To be honest, I am not very happy with the overall design, but I needed to finish the project to work on Dr. Abbas's website. I might need to rework it in the future.