Dr. Seher Abbas

Website for a Linkedin Influencer helping you to move to Germany.

Dr. Seher Abbas is a TEDx speaker, manager in the pharmaceutical industry, and a DAAD scholarship winner who shares her knowledge on LinkedIn. She assists her primarily Asian and African audience in relocating to Germany.

She desired a personal brand website for her audience to subscribe to her newsletter, download her materials, watch her videos, and join her Slack community. I included a members area on the website that only registered users can access where her materials are available.

I designed the entire website, including the newsletter. The concept behind the website was to have a subtle, classy branding approach.

On top of that, she was searching for a newsletter provider. After looking through all possible providers, we settled on a self-hosted solution that I set up. I secured it with Cloudflare's Zero Trust platform.

The tech stack includes: Typescript, NextJS, TailwindCSS, mjml, AWS CDK, Vercel, Cloudflare, Turbo Monorepo.