Ilg Technologies GmbH

Revolutionizing the Renting Experience in Berlin.

In collaboration with two other freelancers I helped an investor from the Business Angels Club testing out a concept for a unique and innovative solution to the high rental prices in Berlin. The idea was to use sleeping pods inside flats to leverage the space in a big hall, where many people could have their individual pods. Additionally, there would be a spacious community area where the tenants could enjoy each others company.

Business Model
Our research showed that there were already short term rentals using sleeping pods available in Europe. After visiting a pod hostel in Amsterdam and doing surveys with their tenants we found out that some of them were already living there for multiple months. Other guests reported that they could also imagine living in a pod for a longer period.
We used this an affirmation for our initial hypothesis to offer midtern rentals for up to 12 months for students and young professionals that are moving to Berlin. The next step was to have a pilot project, where we invite 10 tenants for 6 months. For this we created a landing page and instagram ads to collect leads.

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We used a space theme for the overall branding because the sleeping pods are easily associated with spacecraft. I directed the branding and hired a fourth freelancer to create the illustrations. I used the illustrations to create the website and newsletter for signing up for the pilot project.

Instagram Ads
Our target audience was open-minded, tolerant, and preferably international students between 19 and 25 living in Berlin. The design of the ads is tailored to younger people. I experimented with many different styles and headlines. I optimized the ads based on the results of A/B tests and was able to achieve a CPL of €1.97. On-Facebook leads performed the best for us.

The search for a suitable flat in Berlin seemed to be more complicated than initially anticipated. In fact, it took so long that the team split up. Another freelancer and I left the project to focus our work on AWS. After all, the investor and the other freelancer determined that the concept was not economically feasible, so they stopped pursuing it.