19. February 2024


Show Only Selected Apps

My desktop is messy. Windows everywhere. Not helpful when you want to focus on one specific thing.

One way to hide all other apps except the current one is a neat Shortcut: option command h

BAM! All other apps are hidden except the one that is active.

But that only works for one app 🤔 Sometimes I want to display multiple apps and hide all others. No shortcut for that 🤷‍♂️

So I created 'Heidi' - a script to hide all apps except the ones you select.

How I use it day2day?

It comes in handy every time when I want to make a screen recording. Or when I want to have some focused time and all the other windows are distracting me.

How to Trigger It

3 Options:

  • a snippet (add e.g. // Snippet: ..heidi to the script, typed anywhere)
  • a shortcut (add e.g // Shortcut: ctrl+cmd+opt+shift+h to the script)
  • the cli (run ~/.kit/kar heidi.ts, for layered shortcuts via KarabinerElements)
  • via the panel, open ScriptKit via cmd + ; and search for "Heidi"

The Code

You can find the code here or on GitHub.

It's based on ScriptKit, an alternative to Alfred and Raycast, that has a better DX. I have literally >100 of scripts that I built with it. No exaggeration.

How to Install the Script

Here is a short video of the installation process for a script:

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