26. February 2024

Caps Lock as Hyperkey

Your Entry to Advanced Shortcuts

Ever had the feeling that you can't remember a shortcut? Or that none was available? Or it's too hard to press it?

Quick Fix: Hyper Key

  1. Install Karabiner Elements Get it here:
  2. Give it permissions Here is a click through:
  3. Activate Hyper Key Open "Karabiner Elements" > Complex Modifications > Add predefined rule
Karabiner Elements - Complex Modifications

Karabiner Elements - Complex Modifications

Click "Enable" for "Change caps_locl to command+control+option+shift"

Karabiner Elements - Add Predefined Hyper Key Config

Karabiner Elements - Add Predefined Hyper Key Config

CAPS LOCK is now mapped to "command option control shift". No app developer would be so insane to set 5-key shortcuts. You have now a full range of new shortcuts available.

How I use it in my day2day?

I use it for often run shortcuts that I can't remember, don't like, or where I could not find a suiting combination. Like:

  • Global - Clipboard History HYPER H
  • Multiple apps - Reveal File HYPER F
  • Trigger one of my ChatGPT tools
  • and much more...

That's just one feature of Karabiner Elements.

Extend It

That's just one feature of Karabiner Elements. It can do so much more. It can take the following triggers:

  • quick press of one key
  • layers & simlayers: quick press of two keys (i.e. you create a layer for the key s, then you add a remapping for the space key. So you first press s and then space (in a configurable threshold). Attention: This way you can create shortcuts out of the ordinary with any keys)
  • simultaneous press of three keys
  • and more. These can then..
  • run bash commands: i.e. run chatGpt script
  • map to a different key: i.e. right command pressed alone maps to escape
  • map to multiple keys: i.e. type "console.log", another shortcut, ...

If you want to use it, look up goku. It's way easier to create your config this way. (It looks more complicated than it is, you got this.)


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