13. February 2024

Text Replacements on Mac & iOS

iClouds native Snippet solution

During my latest trip through the interwebz, I stumbled across that was always right there but somehow out of sight — the native "Text Replacement" tool by Apple. I'd heard about it frequently, but only just jumped on the bandwagon 👀

It's a blessing! No more typing out emails, addresses, and phone numbers, its automatic synchronization across both macOS and iOS platforms has been a time saver already.

Text Replacement Example

Text Replacement Example

To set it up, you go to 'System Preferences' on macOS or 'Settings' on iOS and search for 'Text Replacement'. Voila!

I should have done this way sooner! If you haven't yet, do it now. You won't regret it. Adding alone your address, email, and phone number is a time safer.



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