Rephrase Text With ChatGpt πŸ”§

Rephrase the selected text with ChatGpt.

// Name: Rephrase Text With ChatGpt
// Description: Rephrase the selected text with ChatGpt.
// Author: Eduard Uffelmann    
// Linkedin:
// Twitter: @schmedu_
// Website:

import "@johnlindquist/kit";
import { startChat } from "../lib/common";

let selectedText = await getSelectedText();

let writingStyle = await arg(
    { placeholder: "Choose writing style", strict: false },

let tone = await arg({ placeholder: "Choose tonality", strict: false }, [

let input = `Could you please rephrase the following text and use a ${writingStyle} writing style and ${tone} tone? Just answer with your corrected text.

await startChat({
    prompt: input,
πŸ“₯ Input
Selected Text
πŸ“€ Output
Changed Selected Text
πŸ’» Setup
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